April 11, 2011

Music Is... OK Go: Oh No

Released August 30, 2005
Continuing with the "Go" guys here I'm feeling good about reviewing this one too. Being the artsy person I am, I have to say I like the cover. I know its a simple floral pattern inside the letters but I can see the symmetry and I can't knock it. I feel like I'm starting in the middle considering I already spoke on the album afterward and one single before. Again from reading different reviews and opinions I see that many feel this one isn't as good as "OK Go" and that the sound fizzles out towards the end. Others say it's fantastic with very catchy melodies and lyrics. Essentially were all a work in progress. I'm a bit on the lighter side and I see a good consistency throughout. A change up, for my ears, is 'A Million Ways'. I like the tambourine with the snare. Adds a nice jingle. Damian Kulash, the lead vocalist sounds particularly good on this one. The corresponding video is very simple. Their in a backyard dancing, and in a humorous way, they are perfectly in sync. It's really good. My favorite track 'Here It Goes Again' and it's tag along video are simply a genius pairing.

A solid piece of work altogether. Nothing too headbanging or too dance. Worth your while especially if your a fan thus far. 

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