April 04, 2011

Music Is... David Dallas

David Dallas. This man traveled from far south of the equator, haling all the way from New Zealand. Whew, talk about jet lag. Anywayz, as he would describe it (and what makes sense to me), the hip hop scene way down south is just as prominent as it is in the U.S., just a miniature version. You have your underground labels, mainstream radio, major artists and so forth. I don't know how Mr. Dallas here would be categorized in the public's eyes in the thick of it all. If you ask me, he's someone doing what he loves and is very easy listening for my ears. Lets proceed.

Originally planning to major in computer science, he was on a different path altogether. His mindset wasn't completely set on having a career in that field however.
 "from the moment my sister told me you could skip your lectures, hang out in the city and go to the arcade without anyone telling you off – I knew that it was the place I needed to be." 
While in his last year attending Auckland University, he met some people who showed him what the hip hop look was. He noticed them doing their own thing and that inspired him to begin recording and writing his freestyles down. This started with some recording software he downloaded, purchased a mic and got started. The group around him was pretty encouraging. Soon his demos came into the hands of New Zealand producer Forty One and things went from there. Forming a duo named Frontline, they've done some touring, record making and are currently working on his latest album "Something Awesome", and I'm highly looking forward to it.

If you haven't heard any singles from this record yet, let me fill you in. The main one I'm bobbin my head to is 'Big Time'. What makes this track for me is the horns and the turntable scratch in the background. His flow and tempo alongside the beat is ridiculous. It's so fluid and consistent. Another one to look out for is 'Sideline'- ft. Che Fu. This one (and it could solely be me) sounds like it samples The Spinners 'I'll be Around' only in a different key. Others such as 'Eyes On Success' and 'Caught In A Daze' are sure to grab your attention. Again his delivery is very coherent, an old school feel to it.

I give him an A+ all the way around. Who knows, my opinion could be subject to change, but I don't see that happening in the near future. Definitely give this a chance, your bound to love it. 

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