March 14, 2011

Music Is... Clare Maguire

Again, the UK has introduced my musical pallet to something new and I'm happy about it. Presenting: Clare Maguire. First let me say that she is a beautiful woman. At just 23 years old she has a voice that seems to sprout way past her age; a voice of gold. Her tone carries a very daunting and robust weight to whatever she's singing. I have never heard of Maguire until recently but some investigative work and my own senses tells me that she is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Born September 15, 1987 into a heavily musically inclined family, Clare seemed preordained to fall into the same line. From her site (BIOG):
    Her paternal grandparents settled in the Midlands and built up a construction business. Her mum’s parents ran clubs and booked bands in Birmingham. Both had five children apiece, so Clare has some 50 cousins across Birmingham and southern Ireland. “It’s a massive family, which means massive parties – a lot of drinking, and loads of music. Everybody’s got some sort of creative gene: music, mainly, but also performing, telling stories, acting and writing.”
In pursuing a musical career she is definitely no slouch. At 17 she was told by a school teacher to give up advancements in music and focus on exams. After complaining to the principal she dropped out knowing music was the route she was taking. She worked numerous jobs in order to make her way and constantly worked at creating a strong status and connections on Myspace, garnering 1.5million hits for her rough demos. After much much effort she eventually attracted the attention of various producers and artists, and after deliberating, signed a contract to Universal Music at 20. Clare didn't just settle with the possibility of a hit on the charts and instant notoriety. As an artist who wanted to do more than settle, she truly searched for a sound that would allow her to release her powerful capabilities.

    “ the end, I needed to do what I felt was right for me. It’s important to be yourself.”

After a long period of observation, Clare found the right collaboration in Fraser T. Smith and the songs began flowing from there. She has established a large fan-base fairly quickly. The singles from her first studio release "Light After Dark" seem to be a nice indicator of whats in store. I can't speak for everyone, but I like what I've heard thus far especially being that this is branching outward from what I've been listening to lately.

Give it a chance, you never know how music will knock you upside the head.

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Light After Dark (album)

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