March 30, 2011

Music Is... Primus: Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

*Note: The main reason I wanted to make sure to find a particularly clear and large image of this album cover was so you could see the funky collage going on here.

Released May 17, 1991, Sailing The Seas of Cheese has to contain the most disorganized organized, un-categorized music I've ever heard in my life. When I first heard 'Jerry Was A Race Car Driver' back in 98' or 99' I could have easily told you that the CD it was derived from was rock. No. Yes. I don't know. From reviews I've read, they seem to have my same likeness of opinion in that it's a cacophony of various genres slammed together in one huge musical wreck. I mean that in the absolute best way possible. This is a good wreck. This album is money, easily. Through their individuality, each track remains something funky and eclectic. The excellent guitar playing, drum-lines, and bass mix well with this sort of grunge, poke fun at humor that draws you in and makes you laugh.

Take the interlude 'Sathington Waltz'. It's a short 1:40-42 second piece that sounds like a drunken, cluttered mess but it's great. 'Tommy The Cat', what can I say? This details the life of a male "I got it goin' on" cat who finds himself irresistible to a feline making  a B-line down O'malley's Alley towards him. The voice of the story tellers hear sound like they've been hyped up on a years worth of pure caffeine but it works well with the tempo and intensity. I think my favorite part of this song is towards the end when the phrase "Say baby do you wanna lay down with me, say baby do you wanna lay down by my side" is repeated multiple times. 'Sgt. Baker begins with a slumbering jazzy bass line that makes you feel like your being dragged out of bag and then kicks into high gear with a nice uptempo pattern.

Typically I don't down any artists or band and in this case I truly have no reason to. Everything is synchronized to perfection, well as close as you can get. There are filler tracks here. In a kooky, off-kilter way, it all meshes very well. Primus, it wasn't "luck", it was carefully crafted in your "cheesy" hands.

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