March 10, 2011

Music Is... Calvin Harris: I Created Disco

The core reason I wanted to review this album was because of the commercial for Wii's current release "de Blob 2". The song used as part of the promotion is Calvin Harris's 'Colours' from his 2007 debut album "I Created Disco". Digging into Calvin’s history a bit lets us know that he produces, writes, DJ’s, and sings. That’s a nice combination. He began to engage in techno music in his teens and by 1999 he was making bedroom demos. Down the road 2006 saw his contract signing with EMI and Sony Records. He was born January 17, 1984 in Dumfries, Scotland. I’m not sure what the music scene was like in Scotland during the 80’s but I believe it made for some interesting inspiration.

Let’s just put this out there: “I Created Disco” is a triple solid mesh between that 1980’s techno, synthesized, pounding bass, disco sound and now. His accent makes itself very much at home on each song he sings and that’s especially noted on ‘Colours’ and ‘Neon Rocks’. The verses are not long at all but they’re exceedingly quirky and fun. The pace at witch the lyrics are set alongside the beat give way to a smooth tempo. ‘Love Souvenir’ is an instrumental with a simple structure that’s an easy head nodding, laid back type deal; truly nice.

The album as a whole creates an effortless transition from second to second, song to song. There’s a good balance between up-tempo and slower tracks that lends itself to more than one mask. Various “colours”.

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