March 30, 2011

Music Is... The Jam Session

Though I have never been to a single solitary concert in my life, that has no negative effect on my love for jam sessions. I feel these to be one of the coolest musical improvisations ever.

Wait, lets get an official definition here from our friends at Merriam-Webster: JAM SESSION: an often impromptu performance by a group especially of jazz musicians that is characterized by improvisation  

Technically speaking, thats what they are, but these times are a great opportunity to transition into something familiar as well as create something original. As I mentioned, I've never gone to a concert but when I think of jamming that's the first thing that comes to mind. Granted I YouTube many concert snippets. However I love to here what these individuals come up with ya know, how they think on the fly. It's the good stuff. 

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